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Paolo Pecere graduated (BA plus MA) in Philosophy in 2000 (110/110 with honors) in the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University «La Sapienza» of Rome. In 2004, he received a PhD in “Logic and Epistemology” (XVI cycle) from the University «La Sapienza». During his PhD Programme, he attended classes at the Faculty of Physics of Univ. «La Sapienza» and in 2003 he participated to the summer school of “Philosophy of Physics” organized in Cesena at the San Biagio Centre.

During the academic year 2004/2005 he was contracted professor of Logic at the University of Cassino. From March, 1st 2005, he started to serve at the University of Cassino in the capacity of a researcher of History of Philosophy (M-FIL/06). On March, 1st 2008, he received the qualification of confirmed researcher (permanent position).

Since 2004, he is a member of the “Italian society of Kantian studies”. He acted as a referee for the review «Paradigmi».


So far, Paolo Pecere focused his research activities on the relations among philosophy, physics and psychology in the centuries comprised between XVIIth and XXth, through combining the historical methodology and the logical-epistemological analysis of texts, and devoting special attention to the metaphysical elements of scientific theories. Along this line of research he has focused on: the dynamics of Leibniz, Kant's critical philosophy and metaphysics of nature, the "critique of knowledge" of the Neokantian School of Marburg and Ernst Cassirer, the Neokantian trend in contemporary American philosophy. Regarding the relations between philosophy and psychology, he carried out research on the works of Freud, De Martino, Foucault, Grünbaum, Ricoeur and the contemporary debate on phenomenology and neurosciences. In this disciplinary domain, in the years 2007-2008, he took part to the PRIN project on “Logic of corporeity” directed by Prof. R. Bruno (University of Cassino). In years 2009-2010 he conducted a research on the philosophy of quantum mechanics, by focusing on the works of Cassirer, Popper, Feyerabend and the contemporary debate on “quantum theories without the observer”.

Between 2004 and 2004, Pecere held courses on Logic and Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy, History of modern Philosophy, and History of contemporary thought at the University of Cassino. He held lectures and seminars at the degree course in Philosophy at the University of Roma TRE (2004), and for the PhD programmes at the University of Cassino (PhD in Philosophical Studies, 2004), Rome Tor Vergata (Philosophy, 2009). In the years comprised between 2000 and 2004, Pecere held seminars for the training in Psychology at the Institute for the Study of Psychotherapies (ISP) of Rome. He participated as a speaker to the following conferences: "Demonstrative and Non-demonstrative Reasoning in Mathematics and Natural Science" (Roma, 2004): Ether proofs and the possibility of physics in Kant's Late Thought; "Logic & Knowledge" (Roma, «La Sapienza» 2010): Is Logic Empirical? Comments on Gillies;"Knowledge and Action" (Baia Mare, Romania 2010): Quantum Mechanics and Realistic Ontology: Historical Remarks. "Leibniz e il meccanicismo" (Cassino, 2011): Leibniz e la fisica del campo: elementi leibniziani e kantiani nella riflessione di Einstein e Weyl sulla teoria relativistica della materia. He also participated to the cycle of seminars on “Platonism and Sciences” (Roma TRE, 2010) with a paper titled Il "platonismo" e le scienze della natura da Cohen a Cassirer.

He organized the international conference on “The Philosophical Book: from the Antiquity to the Present” (May 25th-26th, 2011), at the University of Cassino, whose proceedings will appear as a monographically issue of "Quaestio. Yearbook for the history of metaphysics" (Brepols-Pagina, 2011). He participated with the paper: Idea and Incompleteness of the Book of Natural Philosophy from Modern to Contemporary Age.